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Language Editing Services

Before submitting their work to a journal, authors have to ensure that the text is written in correct English. We work with language experts who can edit your paper for you in terms of correct English, allowing you to focus on the research quality of your work.

Please don't worry; for authors interested in publishing their work via LCBR, it's NOT MANDATORY to use this language editing service. This service is merely intended to be an offer for authors looking for language-related assistance on an optional basis.

And if you choose to use our editing service, you are not obliged to publish your work in one of LCBR's journals. We are happy to brush up the language of your paper, regardless of which journal you would like to have your paper published in.

The Benefits of our Language Editing Services

  • Editing by native-level speakers
  • Correction of grammar, punctuation, and common language mistakes
  • Re-phrasing of your text to improve clarity
  • Reliance on language editors with academic backgrounds in economics, finance, and business administration
  • Continuous quality control of language editors via LCBR
  • Trustworthy and confidential editing process


Prices do not include VAT. German VAT of 19% will be added to EU orders, unless a valid VAT number is provided. Orders from outside the EU are exempt from VAT.

0 to 500 words

EUR 59
501 to 1,000 words EUR 84
1,001 to 2,000 words EUR 109
2,001 to 3,000 words EUR 134
3,001 to 4,000 words EUR 159
4,001 to 5,000 words EUR 184
5,001 to 6,000 words EUR 209
6,001 to 7,000 words EUR 234
7,001 to 8,000 words EUR 259
8,001 to 9,000 words EUR 284
9,001 to 10,000 words EUR 309
more than 10,000 words upon request

Turnaround Times

Papers up to 5,000 words:   We send the edited draft back to the authors within 6 business days after the receipt of payment.

Papers with 5,001 to 10,000 words:  We send the edited draft back to the authors within 10 business days after the receipt of payment.

Papers with more than 10,000 words:  turnaround time determined on an individual basis


1) Using our professional language editing services is NOT mandatory for authors interested in submitting their work to our or our publication partners' journals.
2) The use of our language editing services does NOT guarantee peer-review or acceptance in journals published by LCBR or in any other publication.
3) We reserve the right to decline editing requests if our editors' schedule does not allow for a timely editing.
4) Our language editing services focuses exclusively on aspects of grammar, spelling, and other language errors typically encountered in academic papers.
5) We all language editing requests are processed confidentially.

Step 1: Submit Request Form

Step 2: Submission of Work

Please submit your work to the following e-mail address, which is hosted by the LCBR Archives - the section that is internally in charge of assigning appropriate language editors:

Step 3: Payment of Editorial Fee

We will send you the payment instructions.