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Sponsorship Program

We invite private companies and universities to contact us regarding sponsorship opportunities. A sponsorship agreement would include the following benefits for the sponsor.

- access to all sessions of the Finance and Economics Conference 2014 (including evening reception) for a delegation consisting of 2 attendees representing the sponsor

- delegates may bring a reasonably-sized standing banner for prominent display at the conference (for example, display at coffee break area); banner content and size are subject to prior approval by LCBR

- LCBR presents all sponsors during the opening session of the conference (one month before the conference, sponsors submit a 1-page PowerPoint slide summarizing key features of the sponsor's organization)

- one scholarship named after sponsor (for example, the "Sponsor Name" Scholarship that helps cover the registration fee of a participant from a developing country)

- listing of sponsors in the printed conference program

- listing of sponsors on the conference website for one year

- listing of sponsors on the organizational website and short informational paragraph about each sponsor in the "About Us" section, subfolder "Sponsors" for one year (organizational website currently being redesigned in its entirety)

- listing of sponsors on the LCBR Archives website for one year (the archives are frequently visited by researchers worldwide looking to cite research papers published in our conference proceedings)

- invitation to LCBR Staff Dinner at a local restaurant during one of the conference evenings, allowing them to get to know other sponsors and 3 selected conference presenters

Please contact us to inquire about further details.
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